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Here are the services that we provide to our esteemed clients.

Electrical Repairs Tarzana

Electrical faults can be annoying especially when you do not expect, or when you really need to power your machines or appliances. In some instances, electrical faults will result in losses. For instance, if you have stored vegetables in your refrigerator, a day of no electricity will result in rotten vegetables. Similarly for those in business. If you depend on electricity to deliver services or for production, an electrical fault means losses. Therefore, it is important having an electrician who can respond quickly and help you out of the electrical faults. At Atlek Electrician Services Tarzana, we provide a fast and efficient response whenever our customers are facing electrical faults. When called upon, our team arrives quickly, diagnoses the electrical issue and repairs, reconnecting the customer.


Ceiling, Attic and Exhaust Fan Installation and Repairs

The ceiling fan is one of the focal points of attraction that everyone wants to be installed in the living room. If professionally installed, the ceiling fan provides a cooling effect during those hot summer days while it promotes the circulation of fresh air. Similarly, the attic and exhaust fan should be professionally installed in order to provide the efficacy that is needed. These fans might stop working efficiently, just like the other appliances. Therefore, you have to ensure you hire a professional electrician for the repairs. Atlek Electrician Services Tarzana provides a professional ceiling fan, attic fan, and exhaust fan installation.


Electrical Remodeling or Upgrading

The electrical panel is a crucial installation that guides your electrical installation and supports the various electrical appliances installed in your home. The electrical panel also carries the main electrical outlet and the control switches that will trip in case of a serious electrical fault. Therefore, it is important that you ensure a professional electrician is involved in the installation and repair of a faulty electrical panel. Talk to Atlek Electrician Services Tarzana for professional electrical panel installation and repair. We provide a quick and efficient solution when you need an upgrade of the electrical panel. Our electricians work day and night to ensure that your electrical panel is in good working condition.

220 Volts Outlet

Are you planning to install the 220 volts outlet within your commercial establishment? A minor fault can result in serious damage or even loss of life. To ensure proper installation of the 220 Volts outlet, talk to the professional’s electricians in the Tarzana area. Atlek Electrician Services Tarzana provides 220 volts outlet installation at an affordable price.

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Electrical Rewiring in Tarzana

If your building was put up before the 1970`s, there is a need for electrical rewiring. The older generation of electrical wires is no longer as efficient, and so you need to consult an expert for the electrical rewiring requirement. Talk to Atlek Electrician Services Tarzana for qualified electricians who shall provide a fast and efficient electrical rewiring. We remain readily available and we shall serve our customers in the best way.